The World Wide Web and Searching For Area Codes

Phone numbers come with ten digits for a very good reason. Without that many numbers, phone calls would be dead in the water, and there would not be enough to go around. There are seven digits in your local numbers, but without the area code, you could not call anywhere else in the country or even in the world. You are assured of number availability because of those ten digits, but you can also be assured that you can find at least a clue about an unknown and possibly persistent caller.

One of the best clues about a phone caller can come from the area code. Though there are some numbers that have area codes you can not trace, that is not the case with most of them. The area code is always the first three digits (excluding the one that is there to denote a long distance number), at least within the United States. When you look at this code, you can find a general area from where the call is being placed.

When you get a call from your own area code, it is easy enough for you to see from where the call is coming. If it is from a different code that you have never seen before, you can find out more simply enough. All you need is your computer and your Internet connection. Simply go to the search engine of your choice and put the area code into the search box. Once you hit submit, you can see your answer. You can also search for an area code map and scope it out on your own.

What is great about searching area codes is that these codes are getting smaller and smaller. In the past, many states had just one code. Today, because of population bursts and/or a rising need for mobile phone numbers, these states have more than one. Some have three or four, and some have upwards of twenty different codes. That really helps you narrow things down. You can also search the prefix (or the next three digits) within that code to find a name for a city or town.

No matter if you are getting calls from 212, 717, or theĀ Barrackpore PIN code, it is easy enough to find out more about someone with your Internet connection. You may find very limited information about a caller this way, at times this is all that you need to know. It may jog your memory of someone who lives in the area that you uncover.